Pont Misère / Misärsbréck

Great, themed hiking trails through forests and moist valley floors await in Pont Misère, which form habitats for a species-rich, sometimes rare, flora and fauna. The interactive “Natur Pur” hiking trails lead along the Sauer through the “Bruch – Pont Misere” nature reserve, with the focus on nature conservation and extensive use. Both circular routes are available free of charge in the Eislek app. As soon as you have started the hike, you can open the Éislek app, leave the Bluetooth function switched on, activate the push notification function and share your location. You will then receive a message on your smartphone at a total of 9 stations and you will receive additional information about the nature trail through several videos. Serge Hermes, forester at the nature administration (ANF), takes you on the nature trail and gives a lot of information about this special hiking trail, located in the heart of the Obersauer Nature Park.

Big tour: 7 km – Small tour: 1.7 km